You can just add the softgels to your pet's canned / home made food, hide the softgel in a treat, or cut open the softgels and drizzle it on kibble or mix it with any other food or treat. Hiding it / wrapping it in cooled coconut oil can work, for dogs, as most happily gobble down coconut oil (and coconut oil has added benefits!).

If your pet is unwilling to accept it, you can pierce the softgel and squeeze the contents into a plastic syringe and 'shoot' it to the back of the throat. 

Or, for appropriate size pets (do NOT do this with cats or small dogs), you can also give it to your pet as a 'pill' - hold your pet firmly, carefully open the mouth, then push the softgel to the back of the throat where they cannot reach it with the tongue, and they will swallow the softgel.