Opening a Customer Account with us is free, and you'll receive many benefits from having an account.

If you are ordering any subscription based products (such as auto-ship plans, memberships, payment plans) or downloadable products (eBooks, Videos, downloadable Courses), an account is required. For downloadable products, this will allow you to access your purchase (you cannot download any products without an account), or for auto-ship plans or subscriptions, this will allow us to set up your ongoing payment plan. 

(Regarding payments: We do not store sensitive payment information in our system. For more information about account security and privacy, click here.)

You can open an account when you place your first order, on the checkout page - you will be asked to enter a password to create your account (and that's it - your account will be automatically created). An account is not required when ordering any physical (non-autoship, non-subscription) product, but we recommend opening an account so at the very least you will have access to your order history.

If you already have an account with us, go to the login page and enter your login details (if you've forgotten your password, you can request it on the login page).

Even if you have not ordered anything from us, you can still open a free account. Go to the 'Create New Account' page and follow the directions.